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Staking to Save Lives

(Ticker: PrepU)

How To Stake & Delegate to the Prepare U Pool

Below are the steps necessary to delegate and stake with the Prepare U Pool. We are honored that you are considering us and supporting youth mental health. Together we will do more.

How To Stake: About Us

Step 1:


Purchase ADA If You Have Not Already

In order to get ADA you must either purchase ADA through a reputable exchange or an exchange swap for individuals that are more comfortable in the blockchain space. We recommend purchasing ADA through either the Coinbase or Binance.US exchange.

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Step 2:

Download An ADA Wallet

We recommend only the Daedalus Wallet developed by the Cardano foundation for desktops and Yoroi by Emurgo for Mobile Devices. Please read through these sites to ensure you are following best practices for protecting your ADA and other crypto.

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Step 3:

Transfer ADA To Your Wallet

In this step you will be removing your funds from a public exchange and into your control. It is important that you have read about best practices to cold storage, there are many ways to protect your private wallet. You will always hold onto your ADA and you are in control. There are many ways to protect your private wallet from best practices to cold storage.

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Step 4:

Select PrepU Stake Pool

Inside your wallet there is a Staking Center. Click on "Staking Center" and search for PrepU. Click the option to select the PrepU Pool and verify it with your spending password if needed. 

That's it! Now you are set up to make ADA and you are directly supporting the next generation. It's a Win-Win. 

Thank you!

How To Stake: Image
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