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Staking To Saves Lives

100% of Prepare U Pool Proceeds Support Expansion of the Life-Saving Prepare U Evidence-Supported SEL Mental Health Curriculum, Research, and Continued Development.

Earn 5.0-5.5% on your ADA paid every 5 days with no risk.

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100K ADA Pledge

**Over 200 Blocks Minted

**Cardano Foundation Stakes With Us! 

***News Release - Cardano will be overhauling Ethiopia's Education System and will be adding 5 Million Students To Their Blockchain to improve national education system. 

***News Release -Cardano partners with World Mobile to provide cell service, internet, identity, banking, and healthcare, with the goal to connect the 3 billion people in the world that do not have access.

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Our Story

Prepare U was developed and began its life-saving work and research in 2017 under IRB approval while working on the ground with a leading high school that experienced 5 suicides in a short period of time. The Prepare U Mental Health Curriculum is being delivered to schools throughout North America and has inspired world leaders in mental health. With the additional effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, more is needed to be done. The founder of Prepare U has been passionate about Cardano's vision since 2016 and strongly believed that by the connection between global mental health and the promise of ADA Cardano, we can reduce suffering that will lead to a greater future for our children. 

100% of all stake pool proceeds will be given to support the expansion of student mental health education and prevention.   

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All Videos

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Earn ADA & Save Lives

Managed by the trusted team that developed Prepare U and The Therapy Live Telehealth Platform, designated as the Official Practice Management Platform of the Canadian Psychological Association.

Stake with us today and earn ADA while positively impacting the next generation. The Prepare U Stake Pool operation proceeds support The Nationally Recognized Evidence-Supported Prepare U Teen Mental Health Curriculum.

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Founder's Story

  • Prepare U was founded by a two time family survivor of suicide, and a dedicated team of researchers and psychologists who were determined to create a novel approach to reducing suffering in the world with an emphasis on student and teen mental health.

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Our Team

Humbly Considered By World Leaders as Pioneers in Mental Health Education and Technology

The team behind Prepare U has developed state-of-the-art technology that has been supported by leaders of the American Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association, and has supported tens of thousands of individuals providing innovative approaches that research has shown to lead to greater meaning, purpose, and wellness.

We support the growth of the Cardano ecosystem and mission. Our Stakepool is supported by our world class development team to ensure maximum uptime and consistent rewards.

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A mind is like a parachute, it will not work if it is not open.

unknown (but unbelievably true)

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